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A Deeper Look At Rockers!

Last time we talked, we introduced the term “Rocker” to you.  Today, we’re gonna go a little bit deeper into this subject by defining the different kinds of rocker shapes.

There are two main shapes of rockers on wake boards.  One is called a CONTINUOUS Rocker, and the other is called a 3 Stage Rocker.

CONTINUOUS ROCKER- A Continuous Rocker is when the bend of the board runs in a Continuously curved line. A continuous shaped board will sit higher up in the water when being ridden. This makes the board carry more speed into the wake. The pop that comes from a Continuous rocker is very smooth, and usually makes for a softer landing as well. However, the pop is not as abrupt, and often does not travel as high vertically as a 3 Stage rocker shape. Some examples of Continuous rocker boards are the 09 Hyperlight Murray, 09 Hyperlight Marek, Hyperlight 09 Sub 6, and the 09 Liquid Force Groove.

3 Stage Rocker- A 3 Stage Rocker is when the middle of the wake board is flat, and the tip and the tail for the board angle out.  This shape will make the wake board sit lower in the water, which makes the board a little slower going in to the wake.  The pop that comes from a 3 Stage shaped board is much more abrupt and is usually vertically higher then the pop that comes from a Continuous rocker.  3 Stage rockers tend to land a little bit harder on the water then a Continuous rocker lands. Some examples of 3 Stage rockers are the 09 Ronix One, Ronix 09 Viva, 09 Ronix Ibex, Liquid Force Lyman, Liquid Force Shane, and the Liquid Force S4.

Here’s a picture to help explain the difference between the 2 rocker types:

3 stage vs continuous rocker A Deeper Look At Rockers!

Image from Wake Origin