Byerly Wakeboards

Byerly Wakeboards Byerly Wakeboards have become the most recognisable, talked about name in the world of wakeboarding. In a few short years Scott Byerly successfully changed the face of wakeboarding through his revolutionary design and style. It is not only the great looks though that make the Byerly wakeboard superior but also in the way it is manufactured and the thought given to all aspects of the board from the footing to the fins and fittings, to the board itself. The boards are constructed with layered glass rather than being woven. The layering provides long term durability and will not ‘unravel’ as the woven product can, providing a board that is built to last.  Extra strong over-lapping on the edges also ensure superior strength and durability. Flat jacket sidewalls with kevelar and fberglass combined technology safeguards damage and added resilience against strong impacts -it can take the beating any wake gives out! The great light weight core which is made of a product called Biolite 3 ensures the board has a balanced weight that doesn’t produce drag. It is strong enough for the veterans of wakeboarding and necessarily strong enough for beginners. 

It is said that Scott Byerly did not invent wakeboarding but he did re-invent it with his innovation and commitment to  first-class wakeboarding creations which shows in every style and piece.

 For anyone, young, old, experienced or a newby who needs a tough, well engineered, reliable design and fantastic looking wakeboard, a Byerly Wakeboard is the commitment that won’t disappoint!