Connelly Waterskis

Connelly Skis Connelly water skis are renowned for their quality and performance in the water.  They offer a wide range of water skis; from those designed just for kids to their top-of-the-line tournament series of water skis.

Connelly originally began producing and selling their skis in 1965. Initially based out of a garage in Lake City, Washington, Connelly has since gone on to become one of the noted brands in the watersport industry.  Now based out of Lynwood, Washington, the commitment to excellence continues. Their product line now includes stand up paddle boards (SUPs), as well as kneeboards, deck tubes, gloves, bindings, and accessories.

The Connelly waterski line-up includes top-rated slalom skis, as well as their 2013 Prophecy ski, which includes a 5 lb. high-density core comprised of PVC. This is the lightest core ever from Connelly.  The Prophecy features three V-steps in the hull which increases the efficiency of water flow and creates far less friction for the skier. No matter the ski, Connelly provides top-notch craftsmanship and reliabilty throughout their line-up. 

Many of the Connelly ski designs have been on the leading-edge of watersport technology and are uniquely innovative. Some of these design features have since become industry standards, such as their Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T) and their dual-tunnel based technology. more

Connelly water ski models are available in four primary series. These include the Tournament, Escape, Performance, and Combo series. No matter the level of proficiency or the style of water skiing, Connelly has a model to suit your needs.  In the combo series, notable ski models include the Eclipse and Quantum skis. For those involved in tournament-level skiing, consider the Connelly Prophesy and Carbon V lineup. These are available in 64 through 69 inch lengths.  For the aficionado of their Escape series, the Pilot and Big Daddy lines are sure to please.

All of the Connelly watersport products are skillfully crafted utilizing the best that technology has to offer. Their reputation and reliability can't be beat for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Connelly takes pride in all of their products, and maintains a passion for water sports and water skiing in particular.