Hyperlite Wakeboards

Hyperlite Wakeboards Founded in the United States, Hyperlite Wakeboards is one of the oldest and most established brands in the business. In fact, Hyperlite Wakeboards has been pushing the sport to ever greater heights ever since it launched the first compression molded wakeboard in 1991. Over the years since the spectacular success of that initial product launch, the brand has continued to refine its products so as to match and then exceed the changing tastes of its customers.

Of course, style is not the sole selling point to products bearing the Hyperlite Wakeboards brand. No, style without substance could never hope to command the respect that this brand has managed to build across its more than a decade of existence. Each product bearing the Hyperlite Wakeboards brand is the result of skill, user experience, and meticulous research coming together as a harmonious whole to produce the best riding products possible. As such, these products help elevate experienced users to unprecedented heights, while easing newcomers into a sport that has brought excitement to thousands. In this manner, the manufacturer contributes to the sport that its people love, serving to both infuse fresh blood into the scene and to continue pushing its limits. more

Doubters might find this praise more than a little bit difficult to believe, but the supporting evidence can be found in the professionals that manufacturer has been sponsoring ever since its establishment. Professionals who can be found riding products from Hyperlite Wakeboards into competitions range from Shaun Murray to Nick Davies and Brian Grubb. Each one's willingness to count on such products is testament to the skill and science that go into them.