Radar Waterskis

Radar Skis Water skiing is about more than just drifting along the surface of the water. You become the water. At Radar Water Skis there is nothing that we believe in more than the awesome trans-formative nature of being out on the cool clear water and connecting with your inner power. 

Water skiing is spiritual, which is why it is what we live for. We eat for it, sleep for it, and count the hours until we can be back out there crushing the ocean waves and gliding through the endless deep suspended above the formless void and defying all convention.

Our motivation comes from making you the skier that you are meant to be. Our water skis come with adjustable bindings, or vector bindings. Choose to make waves with a single long ski, or the shorter double skis. With funky in your face colors that express the inner daredevil, these are designed with you in mind.

No ski is complete without the boot, and ours are available with the wide vector opening, or the standard design. Utilizing a single 3D molded tongue free of PVC, these are the ski boots of the future. The Feather Frame Chassis makes these boots a lightweight solution to the often bulky ski boot, making for a more comfortable fit. 

There's nothing like safety when you're making waves, so don't forget your impact jacket to complete your ensemble. The new 2013 fit comes thinner and lighter than previous ones and is even reversible, so express whatever mood you are in. These jackets zip to form an impenetrable second skin.

Radar water skis and accessories were built for the ski-phile just like you.  So what are you waiting for? Get your gear and get out there on the surf!