Ronix Wakeboards

Ronix Wakeboards Ronix Wakeboards was founded in 2005 by some of the biggest pioneers and riders the sport had seen.  This wasn’t some upstart company that was trying to break into the industry and win skeptical riders over from more established brands.  As a result, the team aimed to ask the question? Who does it best?

Ronix thought that it could do it best, as it had over 100 years of Research and Development experience already under its belt with some of the same people who had developed the first compression molded wakeboard and the original wakeboard boot covering the globe.  Considering this high pedigree already, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility for Ronix to do well and become the best, even as a company they went through the growing pains that new companies do.

Ronix has not disappointed at all, as they have introduced a wide range of products that have the trust of the industry.  The offer everything from lifejackets to boots and everything in-between.  Another nice feature of Ronix is that they offer both male and female riding equipment, including boards, so that everyone can enjoy and have fun.  The color schemes that come along with the board range from super simple, to pretty intricate and can fit almost any style someone is going to have while riding.  Further, the boots are not just plain black one as they come in white, but also a lot of different colors and styles you can chose from. more

Ronix has you covered no matter your skill or knowledge level.  With the impressive array of standalone wakeboards to very convenient boot and board combination Ronix can get you on the river or lake in very little time.  Despite this wide range of items the products are still very high quality, and look stunning with some of the professional designs ranging from intricate to minimalist for every style that a rider may have.  The combination of credibility and creativity will have you wanting to get out on the waves now, so shop Ronix today!