Slingshot Wakeboards, Waksurfers, & Paddle Boards

Slingshot Wakeboards Brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz have dedicated the last 32 years of their lives to Water Sports. Developers of many innovations in Windsurfing and Wakeboarding, they set out in 1999 to found Slingshot.  Since that time their company has grown into a global leader in water sports equipment. Slingshots dedication to quality and performance has allowed top professionals, around the world, to push their equipment to the limits and literally change the face of the Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding worlds.

Tony prefers to think of board design as art as much as engineering. He was once quoted as saying "Since childhood it has been in our DNA to invent and deliver equipment specific to the sports we love". His ability to think outside the box, and his passion for the sports that he loves, has fueled Slingshots drive to always produce the most progressive, innovative, and highest quality boards on the market.

An amateur by definition is someone who studies a subject or performers an activity out of love. Jeff and Tony Logosz bring an amateurs love and dedication to wakeboard and water sports equipment design. Couple this amateur's love of water sports with a life time of education and experimentation and Slingshot sports equipment is the result. Founded on the idea of delivering the highest quality water sports equipment coupled with latest innovation in board designs, Slingshots principles have not changed. It's boards deliver performance and ride ability that will make weekenders feel like professionals and does make champions out of Professionals.  

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